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The System

  • TURNTABLE : Garrard 301 - Oil Bearing (Schedule 51400/2 : Serial 5902)
  • TONE ARM : SME 3012 A / Denon DL103
  • PRE : Rothwell / CA640P
  • AMPLIFIER : Sugden A21
  • SPEAKERS : Rogers LS7t / Castle Richmond 3i
  • ROOM DIMENSIONS: 20'(L) x 16'(W) x 10' (H). Rogers normal placement in use at 24" from front wall bay to front baffle and placed 2' clear from side walls to outer side of cabinet results in L,R speaker measuring approx 10'1" apart.
  • AUDITIONING : All records are cleaned free of dust with anti static brush. Cleaned carefully on VPI using VPI solution. Motor unit is started thirty minutes before play to warm up, as is amplifier. System checks are made before each audition, with particular attention to motor deck and arm set up. Each record is played through once and all characteristics are noted. A second audition is made on a NAD 533 / RB250 / Elektra / Denon 2805 / Castle Richmond 3i system when grading borderline discs. System two is cruder than system one but I believe helps gain a more balanced view for grading. This is done to gauge the existence or extent of wear, especially where it may not be clear whether a distortion is of system or disc origin.

It is my intention to continue tweaking this system, I see it as an organic and evolving thing. There are plinth variations which I would like to try, a number of cartridges and various other tweaks. I am also looking into valve amplification. I am currently researching ideas for an all mono set up using a completely different deck which I will build alongside and have interchangeable components. Whilst I continue in my pursuit of reproducing a faithful sound and refining the system, this remains the primary system for play grading and auditioning.


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