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I grade disc first/cover second.

I use M, EX, VG with (+) or (-) indicating nuances applicable to each LP and exercise a strict policy.

M Is reserved for items which are brand new, un-played or absolutely perfect; generally reserved for sealed LPs otherwise stringent checks ensue!

M - Generally as good as it gets! There will be little if any indication of use, maybe only played a few times. The item will look like new with very clean cover, clean labels and shiny disc. It will play as perfectly as vinyl quality will allow. The overall item will be top notch!

EX A very strong copy and very well cared for item indeed. There will be minor signs of use or age e.g. a surface line or the slightest of age/storage wear but overall will look real nice.

EX - Still a respectable acquisition. It will show moderate signs of use or age (e.g. light scuffs or scratches, corner/edge wear or a mark), and may have some notable imperfection in play but nothing too serious. An item in this condition is still a strong listenable collectable copy.

VG Discs have moderate signs of use but are far from un-listenable nor are they totally unsightly. A disc in this condition will show its age, have more noticeable hairlines or marks and play with more audible imperfection. Covers will show their age or wear more so but will not be heavily damaged. Do not overlook this grade, you may be surprised.
  • To learn about the system I use for grading discs, please look here.
  • I grade strictly and as accurately as I can, so have faith! I would prefer to have collectors return to me than records. If I make a mistake, please let me know.
  • Where discernable characteristics require it, I'll mention it specifically... but the grading descriptions above should cover most eventualities.
  • I may not have time to aurally grade every item, so if something slips by let me know promptly and we'll work it out. Sealed records are no guarantee the disc is perfect and are sold in good faith. I can not accept returns on sealed discs once they have been opened.
  • I try my best and your satisfaction is important to me, so please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.
  • If you are not happy with your purchase, no problem! I will offer a full refund (excluding postage costs) providing the record is returned to me in the same condition I sent it.
  • Trades welcomes if you come up with the right stuff.


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