The following are seriously rare and require genuinely serious offers.

New monsters in my collection are no longer going on here.

I am focusing on my own private collection on that score.

If you have top UK titles just drop me a line for trades and maybe I could be persuaded to let something go.
  • CA QUINTET - Trip Thru Hell (Candy Floss CF-7764 US 69) - (sis) m-(-)/m-(-) - Offers SOLD

  • FRESH MAGGOTS - Same (RCA Victor SF 8205 UK 71) - ex/vg+ - Offers

  • FUZZY DUCK - Same (MAM 1005 UK 71) m-/m- Offers

  • KOOBAS - Same (Columbia S(C)X 6271 UK 69) ex/vg+ Offers

  • OPEN MIND - Same (Philips SBL 7893 UK 69) ex+/ex Offers

  • PETER GRUDZIEN Album No. One (in two sides) - The Unicorn (PG-101 US 74) (sis) m-(-)/m- Offers SOLD

  • VULCANS HAMMER - True Hearts & Sound Bottoms (Brown BVH1 UK 73) m-/m- Offers


Strictly Vinyl and Positively no imitations!

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